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Our research regularly appears in the national and international news. We have been interviewed for television, radio, newspaper, and magazine features. Some recent selected examples can be found below, linked to the different papers the stories were about.

selected press coverage

2022 Selected coverage of Asensio et al. 2022. Animal Behaviour
2021 Selected coverage of Sobroza et al. 2021. Behavioral Ecology Sociobiology (from 172 news stories)

In Print: BBC –New Scientist – The Independent – CNN – Daily Mail – Yahoo News 

2021 Selected coverage of Smaers et al. 2021. Science Advances (from 148 news stories)

In Print: Daily Telegraph – Guardian – Daily Mail – Yahoo News – The Independent

2020 Selected coverage of Bowling et al. 2020. PlOS Biology

In Print: Daily Mail – Irish NewsYahoo News

2020 BBC Radio 5 - The Naked Scientist

Are ring-tailed lemurs sniffing out a date? Expert comment for radio interview with BBC about a recent publication on primate semio-chemistry (Shirasu et al. 2020, Current Biology)

2020 Selected coverage of Morrison et al 2020. Nature Scientific Reports

In Print: Discover MagazineNature – Daily Mail – BT NewsMongabeyEurekAlert!Phys.OrgABCNUnl 

2019 BBC Radio 5 - The Naked Scientist

Guest slot on the hour-long science quizZoo and A: Why can’t dogs eat chocolate? 

2018 BBC Radio 5 - The Naked Scientist

Guest slot on the hour-long science quizQnA: Sperm Races and Monkey Business

2018 Selected coverage of Dunn & Smaers 2018. Frontiers in Neuroscience
2018 The Naked Scientist ​

Audio: BBC Radio 4 Today Program – BBC Radio Cambridge – BBC National Radio – Radio France International – The Naked Scientists

Video: Anglia Ruskin University (You Tube)

2018 Channel 4 - Married at First Sight

TV appearance as expert panellist for a series about human attraction

2017 BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (14.06.17)

Breakfast show interview about the evolution of play

2015 The Verge (06.02.15)
2015 Selected coverage of Dunn et al. 2015. Current Biology (from > 250 news articles)
2014 The Scientist (11.12.14)
2014 Science Line (11.12.14)
2013 British Library (18.9.13)
2013 Cambridge University (university main homepage – 22.01.13)